A Christmas Carrot

Lucy Elephant was hard at work in the Tea Leaf Resort, making sure that everything was ready for the Christmas arrival of a convention of rabbits from the Mainland Carrot Corporation. The rabbits were flying to Organic Island on the lunchtime flying boat. The flight was almost due. As she threw open the last of the bedroom shutters, Lucy felt the hum of the approaching plane fill the sun-drenched room. “So much still to do,” muttered Lucy as she hurried to the lobby. At the…

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Space Bunny

This is our first sustained piece of animation. We made it at our Thai branch, with help and encouragement from Vivaldi the PR agency. It took about three weeks of solid work, and I’m not sure if it’s an experience I’ll ever repeat. I’m pretty happy with the end result, though. Bunny on a Space Trip – A Vivaldi/Organic Island Animation from Joseph Henry on Vimeo.

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The Right Mix and Match

In our bricks-and-mortar outlets we are increasingly moving towards focusing on our ranges of changeable clothes. We’re displaying the clothes sets on mini clothes hangers, so that customers can choose their animal and then choose the perfect outfit. We are also working on additional extras like mini scarves, coats and bags.

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