Welcome to ChunkiChilli. We design and produce soft toys, hand puppets, finger puppets, children’s hats, golf club covers, Christmas stockings and more, all hand-knitted in soft organic cotton. We also make Christmas stockings in merino wool. Visit our shop.

If you are interested in ordering from us wholesale, contact us here.

Socks for Giants

Christmas StockingMaybe you are here because you already know about our famous Christmas stockings.We think they are some of the very best hand-knitted Christmas stockings available. We now have more than 20 styles to choose from. While we are busy building our new online shop, you can find our stockings at Not on the High Street

Heart of Golf

Golf CoversPut heart and personality in your golf bag with one of our golf club covers. Though we say so ourselves, they are some of the most outstanding and extraordinary covers you’ll ever see, beautifully-made, lovingly hand-knitted in organic cotton, in designs and colours that leap right out at you. You’ll be able to see the full range on our new online shop very soon.

Toys for Tourists

babytreethumbOne of our most successful product lines is our range of toys designed for both small kids and big kids like ourselves. These toys are eminently collectable, with changeable costumes, underwear, socks, slings for babies and papooses for toddlers. They are so adorable, in fact, that many adults can’t bear to hand them over to their kids. We know quite a few adults who collect them themselves.

Tops for Toddlers

610ohUUY7bL._SL1001_We also do a great line in hand-knitted tops for babies and toddlers. They are beautifully soft, knitted in yarn that is certified organic. They wash easily in the machine, and they are designed to last half a lifetime. Where could you go wrong with one of these beautiful, durable and practical tops.

Puppet in Your Pocket

puppetdisplayOur hand puppets are also quite well known. They make the perfect gift for a toddler whose imagination is just coming to life. This year, we have something even better to offer. We have developed two completely new ranges of finger puppets. Watch this space. You’ll be able to see these new puppets very soon.

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