PenguinsIf you’re familiar with ChunkiChilli, you’ll know that it has been a long and winding road. We started out making unbelievably colourful jumpers and found our way, via ski hats and baby hats like the ones shown in the video above, to becoming one of the world’s best producers of hand-knitted soft toys.

Misty, who designs everything, is just so prolific that the designs just seem to pour out of her. We now have many hundreds of soft toy styles and outfits, including ranges for Europe, Canada, the US, China, Thailand and the Maldives. Many of these styles are only available in each destination.

DSC_0178You may also know that we produce some of the most sought-after Christmas stockings on the internet.

But did you also know that we make an amazing range of golf accessories and that these are now huge in certain parts of Asia?

And did you know that we do animations as well? We’re pioneering the concept of the hand-made v-card. For something really special, we can make you your own personalised video card with a special message to a loved one. There’s an example below of what we can do.

Bunny on a Space Trip – A Vivaldi/Organic Island Animation from Joseph Henry on Vimeo.