The ChunkiChilli story began in the Himalayan foothills, with a wedding, the chatter of kids coming out of school, and the whoosh and clatter of an old factory.

It was there that Tim and Misty came up with the idea of a business that could travel long distances, that could reach the parts of China that other businesses couldn’t reach and produce toys and gifts that would be bought and loved around the world.

In the part of Sichuan where the two got married, people were facing a difficult choice. Old state factories were closing down, leaving no option for many but to migrate to the big cities in search of work, something that almost inevitably meant leaving their children behind.

Tim and Misty launched ChunkiChilli as a craft and knitting business with a view to giving families the option to stay together. And many of our knitters took that choice, and have stuck with us for well over a decade, watching their children grow up and establish families of their own.

ChunkiChilli now specialises in organic cotton soft toys, hand puppets, souvenirs, gifts and golf accessories.

Misty Zhang Lan
CEO / Founder

Head of the department for being a quirky creative genius.


Tim Wilson
General Manager

Head of the department for accounts, sales, marketing, photography and putting up shelves.

chunkichilli rabbit

Gervais Rabbit
Public Relations

Read about Gervais here.